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Why Invest With RCIF

The Russia-China Investment Fund seeks to generate competitive returns by investing in projects that advance economic cooperation between Russia and China.

RCIF will invest at least 70% of its capital in Russia and CIS countries and up to 30% in China.

RCIF employs a rigorous investment process in accordance with the highest international standards of due diligence and fiscal responsibility. The Fund is managed by experienced investment professionals incentivized in accordance with the established practice of the private equity industry.

The backing of the Russian and Chinese governments provides a level of security that cannot be matched by other investment vehicles. Investors in RCIF will gain unparalleled access to the extraordinary opportunities produced by increased cooperation between two of the world’s most powerful economies.

Unique angle and positioning
  • Russia and China are among the world’s largest and fastest growing economies with unique fundamentals and strengthening cross-border investment
  • The only PE fund dedicated to investment opportunities across Russia and China backed by their respective governments
Experienced investment team
  • Experienced senior investment team in Moscow and Beijing with established local and global connections
  • Extensive experience in operating international companies and domestic firms, private equity investment and management consulting
Strong ability to source deals and add value
  • Unparalleled advantage for sourcing proprietary deals by leveraging extensive business relationships and strong government support
  • Ability to leverage sponsors’ support to engage valuable resources for sourcing transactions, deal execution, and adding value to portfolio companies post-investment
Government Support
  • RDIF and CIC are the most prominent government-backed investment organizations in their respective countries
  • The largest Chinese government-funded PE fund that can also invest directly in China