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Investment Targets and Sectors

Above all, RCIF seeks to invest in projects that advance bilateral economic cooperation between Russia and China. Within this context, the Fund has identified key focus areas in which we see considerable potential for generating returns. RCIF may invest in other sectors in order to provide investors with maximum exposure to growth. It is also evaluating possible transactions in the field of Russia-China travel and tourism.

Through its investments, the Fund will facilitate the exchange of new technologies, the development of downstream processing and the exchange of the best operational practices.

Transportation & Logistics
Consumer & Retail
Industrial Modernisation
Sino-Russian Belt, Road Integration and Infrastructure

Investment Targets

RCIF will target opportunities created by the rapid development of economic cooperation, fast growing trade, and the increasing purchasing power of the middle class in Russia and China. This approach will allow the fund to generate strong risk adjusted return for investors.

Rising middle class
Cooperation between Russia
and China
Structural reforms in China and